Legal. Universal Laws. Divine Energetic Keys.

Ready to live your life with ultimate clarity? 

meet the one and only

Nicole Castka

Nicole is not like other criminal defense attorneys walking this Earth.

With integrity, compassion, and attention to detail of her craft, she passionately helps humans on their journey in the entire Detroit metropolitan area that find themselves needing legal counsel.

She infuses her intuition and Divine wisdom, extensive legal experience, and Energetic Systems to assist her clients in discovering and implementing effective actions to achieve the solution for all parties involved.

live a life of alignment

Are you seeking to be infinitely more happy, awesome, and productive?

Here’s a little gem … I imagine a world where everyone is living their fullest potential, and their bodies can keep up with the exciting chapters they continue to create. I specifically specialize in training individuals energy protocols that help release and let go what no longer serves them.

Known for my presence and wavy hands with a loving essence; during this training, we can find those hidden areas where you are carrying things that you have long outgrown and those tight habits that you wish to release.

Whether you are seeking to live a life of alignmennt, eager for your body to feel amazing versus depleated, or wishing for a tool where you can maximum relaxation in 20 minutes or less…

Let me assist you in learning your body and energy.

weddings. birth celebrations. memorials.

With respect and acceptance of all, I serve and tailor every wedding and life celebration to match your beliefs, ideals, and style.

looking for some unique professional entertainment?

Ms. Fire Eating Attorney

Manipulating and focusing the power of fire is something that continues to draw crowds and create a spectacle whenever and wherever this art is practiced. If you want to feature the incredible display of fire eating and fire manipulation at your public or private event, then it is sure to draw a crowd!

As a professional fire entertainer and skilled circus performer, specializing in baton twirling and dancing, I strive to put on a great performance for each client that I work with. In conversation with you, I will consider what type of event you are putting on and how fire entertainment can add to the dynamism and flavor of the occasion.

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