You can empower others & restore hope.

Life is full of beauty and wonder. Many of us have a lot of things to be grateful for; even if we do not always get everything that we want. Some people may live to see all of their dreams come true, however, all of us go through difficulties and trials on the way to getting there. These hard times can come from losing a home, a job, or loved ones.

These tragic events cause many to lose hope for the future. However, a little bit of compassion and help can go a long way towards restoring this hope in others. By offering assistance, you can help to create a firm foundation of support that will raise people up and empower them to move forward with their lives.

Create A Bright Life, Inc. is a non-profit organization that works to restore this sense of hope by responding to the tragedies in peoples’ lives with kindness and practical solutions. Our organization provides food, resources, and shelter to those who need them most. Founded in California by Sheevaun Moran and Gwen Bodnar in 2003, Create A Bright Life, Inc. now provides support and kindness in communities across the country. Inspired by their actions over the years, Nicole Castka and Danielle Cantin partnered up to create a Detroit chapter of the non-profit in December 2017.

Restoring hope in those who have lost it is what we are all about.

The road to a restored sense of hope does not have to be complicated. Whether you choose to donate money, spread the word about Create A Bright Life, Inc or volunteer with us, you will be a cherished part of a movement that is passionate about bringing hope to all. 

If you help someone to restore their sense of hope and provide them with the essentials for living a life of dignity, then you can change the world.

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