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If you are at a crossroads in your life and have encountered some trouble with the law, then it is essential that you use this as an opportunity to make a fresh start in your life. While working to build a better life for yourself can take time and diligent effort, support is there if you know where to look. Especially for first offenders that may be scared about their futures, but there is no need to be uncertain about what to do next. As a criminal defense trial attorney, I work with a wide variety of clients who have been charged with everything from traffic violations and beyond. In particular, I have worked with clients who have been accused of serious crimes involving murders, drugs, and sexual assaults. Many of the clients that I work with also suffer from some form of mental illness. Regardless of whatever issue you have with the law, I firmly believe that most of my clients are good people who have just made bad decisions. While I cannot provide any guarantees regarding the outcome of your case, I will work to find a solution that offers you the best chance at rebuilding your life. 

I strive to provide each of my clients with the means that they need to move forward towards a brighter future.

More than a lawyer, I like to meet my clients where they are at in their crossroads. The legal process can be alienating and dehumanizing, and through my work, I am trying to bring a bit more humanity to the system. Most importantly, I make sure that all of my clients understand the legal situation that they are in and understand the details of each step of the trial process.

Fortunately, many of the clients that I work with avoid a trial altogether. By working with you, together, we can find a way to address the root causes of your legal issue and prevent the situation from escalating to the courtroom.

Whether you have reached my website through a referral from a friend or family member, or if your case has been brought to me through the court, I look forward to meeting with you and discussing your situation. Please feel free to contact me to begin the process of getting through this obstacle, turning it into the learning experience that it is, and moving forward towards a new life.

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