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Energy Balancing Sessions

let's awaken your inherent miracle self​​

Achieve the life that you always knew was possible.

If you struggle with sickness, tension headaches, and migraines, or any other ailments caused by the
negative energy and stress, then it is time to regain control over your health. Through energy balancing sessions with an advanced Energy Mastery® Practitioner like me, you will be able to restore your well-being and achieve the life that you always knew was possible.

Energy balancing involves learning techniques to remove and avoid energy imbalances and blockages in your body. When this energy is in a state of disequilibrium, then sickness, dis-ease, lower thought emotions such as doubt, fear, blame, shame, and guilt can arise. Through the use of techniques of
Energy Mastery®, I can proactively work to restore your equilibrium and achieve perfect mental, emotional, and physical health.

Arrive with open body and open mind for powerfully, rapid results.

While it can be hard to believe if you have spent your entire life unaware of the power of energy and your own inherent miracle self, the results of an energy balancing session will speak for themselves. In the past, I have been able to help many clients who have suffered from serious and chronic conditions to find much-needed relief. This has included patients with stage four cancer and other life-threatening conditions.

If you are prepared, then the results of an energy balancing session can be transformative. For those who are ready to take this step, I am always amazed at how quickly the energy balancing process can work. With one particularly ill patient with cancer, there were dramatic improvements in only twelve days following the original diagnosis.

I am motivated to bring you the improvements to your health that you are looking for. Energy balancing can be perceived as intense, though if the protocols and techniques are applied exactly as outlined in the sessions, your health will dramatically improve. Do not let your health be compromised for another day.

Where Are the Sessions Performed?

Energy balancing sessions can be held wherever you are most comfortable. I have helped many clients to find peace and improve their well-being in their homes, my own home, hospital rooms, treatment center rooms, and even remotely through virtual sessions.

Ready To Regain Control Over Your Health and Wellbeing?

Purchase one for session offers below or contact me to learn more about the process and to schedule a session to discuss your condition in more detail.

one-time and multi-session packages

Energy Balancing Sessions Investments

Single Session

$ 250 One-Time
  • Upon payment, session will be scheduled.

3 Sessions

$ 600 One-Time
  • Upon payment, session will be scheduled.

5 Sessions

$ 800 One-Time
  • Upon payment, session will be scheduled.

10 Sessions

$ 1500 One-Time
  • Upon payment, session will be scheduled.

Interested in learning how to restore your well-being on your own? Learn about my two day Energy Mastery® Foundations Training located in Detroit.

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With each session, love and grace are always present. Allow me to assist you in being your best self.

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