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For each of us, life is what we make it. You can live a life filled with emptiness, negativity, and poor health, or you can take control of your destiny and work to achieve your goals. If you are in the latter camp but seem to be struggling with some seemingly insurmountable obstacles in your life, then a life coach can help you get back on the right track.

While I do not have all of the answers, I have worked with many clients over the years to help them answer their questions for themselves. If you have a problem that does not seem to have a natural solution, I will work to help you find an answer or a resolution, or I will find someone who can help!

The most important thing to remember with a life coaching session is that you need to be open and honest about where you are at, to derive the most benefit. If you are receptive to the possibility of change, then growth and healing can begin.

You may not realize it right now, but your higher self is always attempting to communicate with you and help you find your way. If you cannot hear your higher self, then I can help you tune in and realize that it has been there all along.

current package offerings

Enlightened Coaching Investments

VIP Day Session

$ 1500 One-Time
  • Includes 4-5 hour session performed in-person, phone or video
  • Exclusive deep dive for established clients
  • Upon payment, session will be scheduled.

Three Months

$ 5000 One-Time
  • 9 Sessions Via Video or Phone
  • 3 Integration Weeks
  • Voxer Support
  • Upon payment, session will be scheduled.

Six Months

$ 8000 One-Time
  • 18 Sessions Via Video or Phone
  • 6 Integration Weeks
  • Voxer Support
  • Upon payment, session will be scheduled.

Beyond helping you reach your goals and showing you other ways of finding the answers you seek, I will provide you with useful life advice based on what you share with me in the session. These sessions can be intense; indeed, I often work with a fairly direct approach with love and kindness. However, I do this because I believe that all of my clients need to be treated with respect, and it is not necessary to sugar coat things. This is done out of compassion and love, and to foster your growth in the best possible way.

Within each life coaching session, we will work together to establish Divine clarity on all levels, regardless of where you are in your life journey. Let’s work towards this goal together.

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