What My Clients Say

“Nicole has been treating both me and my son long term for chronic conditions. Nicole is a gifted practitioner using her training in Energy Mastery, knowledge she has gained through being a yoga teacher, real-life experience as a lawyer, and her own divine-intuition. By using her diverse training, Nicole is able to treat physical symptoms of pain or internal medicine problems, relieve negative emotions, and recommend supplements, exercises, and coping strategies to help keep symptoms at bay between treatments, leading to ultimate healing. Nicole also relates really well to kids and can help them when they may otherwise resist alternative care. My son struggles with his emotions due to Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Nicole has really helped him be less sensitive through her treatments, and has taught him ways that he can cope faster and calm down, if he gets anxious or upset. I can think of a time he was sick, and she treated him, greatly speeding his recovery. After a session with Nicole, you are likely to feel relaxed, with other physical symptoms greatly diminished. The list would be very long if I listed everything she has helped me with, but just an example of upper back pain can be cleared during the treatment. Another example would be the ability to clear your sinuses, or relieve a stomach ache. Nicole will then recommend a care plan that will help you reach your health goals. If you are seeking an energy medicine practitioner, I greatly recommend Nicole.”

Lora T, Registered Acupuncturist

“My coaching/EM sessions with Nicole were the highlight of my week. Her caring but firm approach to things resulted in me finding more clarity and energetic clearing than I have experienced in a long time. No issue, question or feeling was off-limits. Her gentle way of helping me figure things out were just what I needed to get me on the right path to saying yes to my Why.”

T. Walker, Park City, UT

“Working with Nicole Castka, The Enlightened Lawyer, has had a profound effect on my life and countless others. Her keen insight, patience, and calm dedication to her clients are unique and special attributes. Nicole has a divine talent for ‘knowing’; her intuition and direct connection to her clients’ highest and best is uncanny! Her humor and compassion, mixed with her noble ideals and determination to do good in the world, is a gift to us all. As an Energy Mastery teacher and coach, Nicole places the tools in her clients’ hands while expertly guiding them to look within for the answers to heal themselves. The Energy Mastery protocols she provides help clear away limiting beliefs and blockages to elevate one to their highest potential. I have solved and resolved many old wounds and past traumas through the help of Nicole. I am forever grateful!”

Meg Paul

“I first met Nicole at the yoga studio and when we had talked about my infertility struggles I decided to seek her help as an energy coach. I have been seeing Nicole on and off for a year and most recently diligently ever week for about 4 months. During that time I have had various physical pain including endometriosis as well as emotional pain and self doubt. She has assisted tremendously with all of these issues. During my bout with endometriosis, I was practically bedridden when I called her in a panic she told me to come straight to her house immediately. Upon arrival she had a heating pad, toast and tea waiting for me and as I laid on the laid on the floor she worked on my for hours. And after my endometriosis surgery, she came directly to my house for a session. She always knows what I need, when and is wiling to go the extra mile.. or miles for her clients. I also showed up at her doorstep in tears once and got a great hug and a few minutes later found myself eating the tastiest vegan stuffing. By the way stuffing is a top 3 favorite food of mine 🙂 It was perfect comfort food and I quickly began feeling better. I have learned a lot of wonderful tools to have at my disposal for when life gives you lemons and/or I am in need of an attitude adjustment. I’ve also discovered some important insights about myself that have and will continue to assist me navigating this life in this body of mine. This training at least from my own personal experience is about re-wiring your brain (without any scary medical equipment, haha) and thinking more positive, being open to your own spirituality and higher consciousness and eliminating self-doubt/negative talk in your mind. It is very healing and transformative and I would highly recommend working with Nicole if you are seeking a different path or in need of some energetic help. One of my favorite examples to share is when I was bedridden with my endometriosis pain and it was imperative I get in for surgery ASAP. After waiting over a week for the surgical scheduling team to call me, Nicole advised me to take matters into my own hands. She suggested I show up at their office the next morning with some breakfast baked goods and ask to talk to them directly and try to get my surgery scheduled! Well it worked, my surgery was scheduled for 4 days later!”


“I  couldn’t be happier with my progress both in yoga and in life. Much of this happiness is due to Nicole’s teachings.

She has a great understanding of my body mechanics; and that has translated into an improved yoga practice.

The energy management sessions we have completed have just been amazing! Her knowledge and effectiveness in this arena have had measured, physical gains!

I am a 51 year old man who has had chronic physical issues and pain all my life. I have the chiropractic history for 20 years.

I have not had to go to the chiropractor in the two (2) years that Nicole and I have been working together.

I couldn’t be happier with my quantifiable physical improvements since we started working together.

I’m happy to discuss in person!”



“Nicole is a magical being who has created miracles in my life as a coach and mentor. I started working with Nicole almost 2 years ago as an Energy Mastery® client that naturally transitioned into coaching. I have also had the privilege of participating in Nicole’s Energy Mastery Foundations® Training which is mind blowing and there are no words to describe the life changing tools you walk away with. If given the chance, I highly recommend you work with Nicole in any capacity that you can. I am beyond grateful for the amazing results I have experienced and the knowledge I have gained that has my life flowing in a much easier way.”

Michelle Miller

The Energy Mastery Foundation® Training taught by Nicole Castka changed the way I work and live.
Let me start with this: I am a criminal defense attorney in Detroit. I love my work and I am good at what I do. I always felt it was my calling. To be a foot soldier of the constitution, to represent the underrepresented. Where the stakes are not piles of money, but human freedom.
But I felt drained, under-valued, burnt out. I saw colleagues sabotage their lives. Alcoholism, divorce and depression runs rampant in my profession.
Nicole Castka started talking to me about the Energy Mastery® training she teaches. I did her Energy Mastery Foundation® training two-day course in Detroit. Then I did it again! I also do private sessions with her in her beautiful “treatment room” to boost the work I do on my own.
The tools I learned in the Energy Mastery Foundation® Training by Nicole Castka help me do the work I love with more energy, intention, and concentration. My clients are better represented, and I am happier doing it. Side note, I am more financially successful. I call that a win win win.
And I haven’t even started to talk about the other ways these tools have helped me in my personal life…

Beth Morrow

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