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The Enlightened Code

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The Five Pillars of Success

The Enlightened Code is for individuals who want to experience a true understanding and inquiry of what they desire in life. You’ll increase your focus, positivity and confidence with Nicole’s guidance and mentorship.

You’ll have clarity on the areas that create stress and obstacles in your life and the tools to rise to higher truth with peace in your mind and prosperity in your life. Through The Enlightened Code Pillars of Success, Nicole will help you solve and resolve challenges and problems so that you can have CLARITY and prevail in all ways.

Whether you are a career professional in law, medicine or corporate, or an entrepreneur, The Enlightened Code is your clear pathway to living life to the fullest. Relationships heal. Wealth increases. Your Health becomes optimal. If you want to balance your life commitments, heal and master your energy, or receive coaching for a successful mindset, Nicole’s expertise will ignite exponential abundance in all ways.

The Enlightened Code Services

As a certified teacher in Energy Mastery® Foundations training, I provide intensive training classes where you can learn ancient healing modalities and essentials protocols over a two-day session.

Through the use of techniques of Energy Mastery® protocols, I can proactively work to restore your equilibrium and achieve perfect mental and physical health.

Beyond helping you reach your goals and showing you other ways of finding the answers you seek, I will provide you with useful life advice based on what you share with me in the session.

For those looking to begin or practice yoga with a skilled practitioner. I hold regular workshops in the Full Lotus yoga studio and teach 4-5 classes per week.

As a professional fire entertainer and skilled baton twirling and dancing circus performer, I put on spectacular, awe-inspiring performances for all occasions.

If you have an unwelcome spirit within your home or office, I can remove and transform your location back to peaceful Divine love and light.

I provide non-denominational officiant services for weddings, birth celebrations, bar mitzvahs, memorials, and more.

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