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Build resiliency, shine bright & own your power.

Yoga is an ancient discipline that provides the practitioner of today with a variety of health and spiritual benefits. Yoga is also one of the best techniques for managing and coping with mental stress and is excellent for balancing your energy and removing any blockages that may have accumulated. Whether you are a yoga novice or experienced yoga practitioner, I will be happy to work with you.

As a E-RYT500 certified yoga teacher, I have been proud to have taught over two thousand classes in my career. I teach at Full Lotus Yoga Studio in Grosse Pointe Woods and Detroit, where I frequently meet with regular clients, though I also offer more intimately sized classes in my private home studio. If you require one-on-one yoga coaching, then you may prefer this environment.

I currently provide many options for those looking to begin or practice yoga with a skilled practitioner. I hold regular workshops in the Full Lotus Yoga Studio and teach 4-5 classes per week. This includes yin classes, slow flow classes, and restorative classes. Workshops are always at the Full Lotus Yoga Studio in Grosse Pointe Woods or Detroit.

For those who are interested, I offer two workshops annually that are close to my heart. An annual Yin and Chocolate two-hour workshop at the beginning of December that is filled with two of my favorite things Yin and Chocolate! At the end of December, I lead the NYE VinYin workshop. This two-hour event includes a creative reflection of what you learned within the theme of your season of life as well as determine what you wish to let go of. Known for my ability to manipulate and focus fire, we will release the beliefs, thoughts, memories that are no longer for your highest good with an intimate fire allowing all to transform back to Divine Love and Light. Once the workshop is complete, we enjoy a small afterglow party to commemorate the occasion. I’ve had the honor to lead both of these workshops since 2013 and am always in awe of the connection and the peace that surrounds attendees during and days after these events.

My classes and workshops go beyond just physical activity. I assist each student and client in excellent restorative techniques for all levels, which boosts your energy. The intention of each of my classes is to meet you where you are right at that moment and assist in restoring the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. If you find that you struggle with issues related to your flexibility, cardiovascular health, or your metabolism is not optimal, yoga can help you improve these problems.

When we can come back to our center often, we not only build resiliency toward the external, we improve our overall well-being while out in the world. If you struggle with chronic stress, it is crucial to find good ways of removing this from your life, or it will take its toll over time.

If you’re looking to become the best version of your self with ease and flow, one of my yoga classes or workshops can assist with being at peace, allowing you to be more open and receptive to life and all of its opportunities. See below for two immediate options I can provide you to get your practice started.

find greater physical, mental, and spiritual health

Yoga Classes & Workshops

Private Yoga Session

$ 35
  • Upon payment, enrollment will be confirmed and location address for my custom studio will be shared privately

At Full Lotus Yoga Studio

  • Located at Full Lotus Yoga Studio:

    20365 Mack Avenue Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236


    6505 Woodward Avenue Detroit, MI 48202

Need more details? Contact me so we can get started on improving your yoga abilities. If you want to use this ancient set of techniques to find greater physical, mental, and spiritual health, then I look forward to hearing from you. 

As an experienced teacher, I have seen the many benefits that regular yoga practice can provide, and I am always pleased when I can teach and bring this same sense of well-being to others

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